Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Dorm: Part 3


my blog has more than 2000 views. Well, that's awesome! Thanks for waisting your time here!

Some news:

I found inline skates. Yep, on random street in random part of Daegu. Just my size! Kinda old, but: Don't buy it for that price!?

We've also found out why water is cold in here.

Well, not hot.

And me:

Okay, not me, but that's definitely how I feel. Somebody take tree from West and try to make it East style. Wont work without fucking the tree up. A lot.

Some more shit had happend since writing here last time, but I am lazy to write it so I recommend you go get drunk!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Dorm: part 2

There was no part 1, but whatever...

Anyway, I've been very successful in finding my location on Google maps. Finally. So here come the map! (Dorm is building in the middle, school is right top.  )

school and dorm

Everybody love forest.

I  took some pictures so you can see how it actually looks like.

Yep, graves. We are surrounded by a lot of them. And by a lot I do not mean 10 or 20. Few times  more.

Buildings are nice, as well. I made few pics:

(hall, elevator, emergency exit)

 (school, cafeteria, gym)

The moral?

Do not take any shit serious and get drunk! 


Today i saw Korean computer-science guy prototype. And hot girls feeling awkward when he joined them during dinner. I guess some shit is the same everywhere.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Me, myself and zombies: Moving to children house

I might mentioned it before, but once again: we are moving to new campus. In fact, we already did.

Last Monday, 9.50 AM, I was ready with all my shit to go. And surprisingly it was not a lot. One luggage, and 2 not big boxes. Plus bed stuff. I guess I am not living with much crap.

Yea, I left my guitar at old camp. But there's a girl who will bring guitar.

Damn, I need to make pics of new dorm.

Location: I tried to find this place on google maps, but I failed. My room-mate doesn't know what's the name of where we are and google maps failed to identify my location too... But we are somewhere in forest. Not that easy to get out. Or better to say, come back in time.

But about place:
Rooms are nice. 2 people per one. Internationals sharing with Korean. My kid is like 18-19, I would guess (you know that hingy-thingy with Korean and International age) and he is OK, except snoring when sleeping - damn I haven't slept 2 nights. 

Anyway, rooms are fine, as it is new dormitory, so I guess it's pretty much waste of time showing you pics (or say if not).

Part I don't like is treating us like 12 years old. We can't be out of dorm after 10PM because they lock it out and check whether we are in our rooms. We can break this rule 3 times a month. After filling some paperwork. WTF.

Girls are on separated floor, we can't visit their rooms, 'cause they'll kick us out. Or alcohol. No idea why, but Koreans are really keeping such a rules. My roomie was scared to go on women floor when we went there before going to school to get girls. And do not even try to buy beer.

WTF, I wanna beer.