Thursday, December 13, 2012

So the first semester is over.

Indeed. Today I finished last exam, from 5 I had: c++, accounting, Korean language (2 exams) and AutoCAD.

A lot of people asked me what-the-fuck am I doing here, so let's talk about this. And by this I mean my typical week during the first semester.

First the shit ones do everyday: 
- wake up: 7-8 in the morning - that's because you need to take shower and eat, right? I wont do a hack without shower.
- sleep: about midnight usually. At least for me the less I sleep, the better I sleep. If I go sleep like 11, I will wake up every hour. I would prefer to go sleep like 3 o'clock to have the sleep like one should have, but here, ain't a crap to do.

To school I can go by bus (8.30, 8.45) or walk like 15 minutes. From school I have to walk.


10-12 classes of Korean Culture. Teacher ain't speaking English. In the begging of semester every class she gave us tons of words to learn. Later she gave up,because we said to the right person how she explain us "Korean culture", so she started to play some documents about Korea. Guess what? In Korean language. Yes, time well spend. Last few weeks of semester she found out that there's such a thing as subtitles. Too late, but still - plus point.

12-1 and 1-6 E-ZONE - place where Korean students can come and talk to you in English - yes, they come, no, they mostly do not speak English.

7-9 another class of Korean language. Teacher speaks English, cool like pizza with beer, but.. but we are tired like hell - so the most of people don't care. Once again the way they do it is wrong.


9-11 c++ classes. Easy like ... too easy. They are primary schools where they teach kids to code. We go way slower than them. Total waste of time. Even for people that never had any coding classes, because what we learned in here is like one hour of payed programming course anywhere on this planet, maybe less.

11-1 AutoCAD.

2-6 E-ZONE.


9-12 Korean language with same teacher like Korean culture. No use for me, I don't understand her, so would be better for me to just stay home and try to study by myself. I need to do it anyway, so this class is just another 3 hours well wasted.

12-1 then 2-6 E-ZONE.

7-9 Korean class again.


10-12 Accounting.

12-1 then 2-6 E-ZONE.


9-1 Korean class with 3th teacher, she is the same cool and speaking English. But having 4 hours of Korean language in a row is just another nonsense, from a lot nonsense I've seen in here.

2-6 E-ZONE.


Bored (or tired) like hell. The most of weekends I can remember was a waste of time. Usually there's nothing interesting going on: you can go see something around or go see some concert (and I really mean see- sober, sitting, watching). Your best chance is to go get some beer, if you are not tired of seeing the same people.

Well, not positive post at all, but that's how I see it. 
Get drunk if you can ;]

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