Thursday, December 13, 2012

So the first semester is over.

Indeed. Today I finished last exam, from 5 I had: c++, accounting, Korean language (2 exams) and AutoCAD.

A lot of people asked me what-the-fuck am I doing here, so let's talk about this. And by this I mean my typical week during the first semester.

First the shit ones do everyday: 
- wake up: 7-8 in the morning - that's because you need to take shower and eat, right? I wont do a hack without shower.
- sleep: about midnight usually. At least for me the less I sleep, the better I sleep. If I go sleep like 11, I will wake up every hour. I would prefer to go sleep like 3 o'clock to have the sleep like one should have, but here, ain't a crap to do.

To school I can go by bus (8.30, 8.45) or walk like 15 minutes. From school I have to walk.


10-12 classes of Korean Culture. Teacher ain't speaking English. In the begging of semester every class she gave us tons of words to learn. Later she gave up,because we said to the right person how she explain us "Korean culture", so she started to play some documents about Korea. Guess what? In Korean language. Yes, time well spend. Last few weeks of semester she found out that there's such a thing as subtitles. Too late, but still - plus point.

12-1 and 1-6 E-ZONE - place where Korean students can come and talk to you in English - yes, they come, no, they mostly do not speak English.

7-9 another class of Korean language. Teacher speaks English, cool like pizza with beer, but.. but we are tired like hell - so the most of people don't care. Once again the way they do it is wrong.


9-11 c++ classes. Easy like ... too easy. They are primary schools where they teach kids to code. We go way slower than them. Total waste of time. Even for people that never had any coding classes, because what we learned in here is like one hour of payed programming course anywhere on this planet, maybe less.

11-1 AutoCAD.

2-6 E-ZONE.


9-12 Korean language with same teacher like Korean culture. No use for me, I don't understand her, so would be better for me to just stay home and try to study by myself. I need to do it anyway, so this class is just another 3 hours well wasted.

12-1 then 2-6 E-ZONE.

7-9 Korean class again.


10-12 Accounting.

12-1 then 2-6 E-ZONE.


9-1 Korean class with 3th teacher, she is the same cool and speaking English. But having 4 hours of Korean language in a row is just another nonsense, from a lot nonsense I've seen in here.

2-6 E-ZONE.


Bored (or tired) like hell. The most of weekends I can remember was a waste of time. Usually there's nothing interesting going on: you can go see something around or go see some concert (and I really mean see- sober, sitting, watching). Your best chance is to go get some beer, if you are not tired of seeing the same people.

Well, not positive post at all, but that's how I see it. 
Get drunk if you can ;]

Friday, November 30, 2012

제주도 - not impressed

Failed to enjoy the 2-night trip there, but at least I made some non-sense pictures, so I might remember I was there.

Friday, November 23, 2012

As time went...

For a quite long time I haven't wrote a shit, so I decided I need to make an update, as follows:

Not much is happening, I go to school, come back, sleep, weekend sleep. Bored as hell. Man, even hell must be more interesting than this. You know, pulling sticks in people's asses and kimchi.

One would say at least weekends should be fun, but doing all weekends the same isn't fun anymore. So I am studying, not partying. Something went wrong.  

So what (at least a bit) interesting do I have?

Remember when I talked about rock music? There's a band in here, 박치기 씨 (Mr. Headbutt), and they are releasing their CD. And guess what, my picture is their CD cover art.

 Man, I am famous!!! Kiddin, not famous.

Ha? Do not forget to come for release party! December 7th. I am proly there.

School is as I said boring. Kinda waste of time. AutoCAD, driving me crazy every week. One does not simply use his brain. Me no like turn on brain mode. Just not seeing any sense in that.

But, we had English contest here, for Korean students to show off. And I played one song (because no time for second we had) with my classmate.  Song from some dude called Mraz or that. Lucky. For me really terrible song, but you know... What would one do for money, I do for smile. We had to change girl and boy parts, but it was interesting anyway. The crap is still stuck at my head. 

(just saying i like the pic)

Anyway, I am planning to sort out my pictures, so I might even make some photolog. Stay tuned, get drunk!

I will @Xmas.

Friday, October 26, 2012

In EDUCATION we trust!

And let me tell you that I do not mean my homeland - Slovak Republic, but the country where I actually am - South Korea.

It's not secret that people (and I mean young and kids) spend unhealthy time at school: from morning to evening. It's not anything unusual to see kids and youngsters go from school at 9-10-11 pm. Crazy, ha?

Well, this seems unhealthy to me, because in beautiful lands of Slovakia, I've been used to came back from school 11-12am-1-2pm depending whether it was primary or secondary (high) school.

And University? Well, you know, one does not simply have so much free time as while being at University. (Slovak ones)

Kids in here have normal school, I guess, and then do some random-whatever-after-school shit. Study or that kind of things, you proly know it. They parents are probably still at work, so need to be home-alone (judging by what I've seen while working for Korean company in Slovakia).

Not a single idea, what does those youngsters think about spending all time at school (even Saturdays in some cases!)...

But few ideas what older kids (18-30y) think about it - as I am in college (seems like something between University and secondary school, kinda more practically oriented, taking like 2 years of ones life).

They like it. They believe education is the most important for them. They wanna study and be successful. Once we asked one student: "What do you thing is the best thing you got from your parents?". And answer? "Study hard!".

I really can't understand that kind of thinking (one should not just accept whatever society puts into ones head, but do critical overview of general ideas and then decide whether wanna follow mass-population principles. I say it because they seems to me they ain't got idea why they say so), but I see sense in there: teach your kids to have no free time, and they wont know what to do in case they have some, so they will do whatever they been doing just a second ago, in this case some school stuff. You won't need to worry about good workers later, they will be used to the fact, they they never spend they time home, they parents don't spend time home, they don't need either, let's just work some more hours.

It's nicely closed circle. I see similar situation with elder people in Slovakia: they are used to always do something and they can't just do nothing (watch TV, read book, or some random philosophy-thinking-wasting-of-time). Kids will spend all time in school, when they grow up at work, when dead in cemetery. Eventually.

Good for economy, ha?

Will you try to abuse our Slovak shitty social welfare system, if you can't just stay home and do nothing? Nope, you will go and find job, make some business or do some volunteering.

Don't believe? Change the following charts to be able to see more years and believe.



They (Koreans) know what are they doing. And they do it well.

I am not gonna make analysis of how much are we (in Slovakia) investing into education and research and compare it to Korea, because everyone know how it would end up. The Korean education system is one of the best in the world.

But back to business: poor kids (and adults). From my point of view I can't imagine my kids having this way of studying. And in general, people in here are expected to be the best in everything. Sometimes they want them to be perfect too much, and some can't work it out. Korea leads the suicide rates worldwide.

Difficult topic, not so simple as I presented. but anyway, life is not that easy in Korea.

From my point of view, not for Koreans thought, they have never seen any other way of living (at least the most of them).

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Man, we are all famous!

For a minute....

Okay, not minute, not 15 minutes, but 14 minutes for sure. Because we decided to use one more minute for future needs. And we gonna need it, right?

So, week ago (?), Saturday, I mean, we went for one event - making of 1km long GimBap - some kind Korean food I am not really eating. It's not bad food, but you know, I am picky with food (and with a lot of another stuff).

Why we went there? 

I saw some post on facebook, that they need some internationals for this event, to make that food with locals. So I thought I am gonna ask my friends whether they wanna join. YES, they said. I have to admit, I was not expecting yes answer, but why not, right? So we went.

There's a street in Daegu, with a loooot of restaurants. I guess this event is to promote the street. We ain't got a lot of troubles with finding the place, but we got some with finding the girl I talked before, kinda organizer for us  to be there (Kate).

So we got some fancy clothes and did the food. 

Then we ate it. Not bad actually.

Interesting part was media. All over place.. And all the Koreans making pictures of us. For all my life I never had that amount of pictures as I had that day. God. Hundreds of pictures when eating, making, whatever-ing gimbap. Zoo, that's the word one needs to use. I felt like in zoo. Animal showing his stuff. Our stuff was being different.

But I felt good, thought. It was funny and all.

And more pictures with mayor and local authorities.

You don't need a lot to make it to news in here, maybe.  We been on TV also, but I haven't seen it. And we won some ticket (not ticket, but i don't know the word),  200000 won to spend in restaurant.

We did yesterday.  God that food was good. Pics in my phone, lazy to take them out. They all might appear on facebook one day.

And writing too, so see ya, thanks for reading ;]

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rocking Daegu

It's not a secret, I love rock-metal-punk-whatever-guitar-music.The thing is, here in Korea, people kinda like something different:


Little difference, but important one.

It's thing I can't really understand, but it seems that everyone in here loves K-pop. I tell you...

So i asked in some groups on Facebook, where the fuck are some metal clubs/pubs/whatever with live music? Answer: well, one is Club heavy and other Horus Music Garage. Both opened only for gigs. Noone knows any metal pub.

/Ahh, and you might wanna join this group to see what gigs are going on (In Daegu)./

I was like: Really? 2,446,418 people and not a single metal pub? 

People said really. But later I found something called Sugar Joe's (by accident, there might be even more of them!?), they sometimes have live shows. And nearby is Gypsy Rock. (Both near NKU.) You better fall in love with that lovely place.

Any Polish here? 

Nawet nie probujcie tu uchodzic! 

I am not sure if this is warning or recommendation. Anyway, the place is awesome: you can play the music you like for free, beer is good, and toilets, toilets are even better. One needs to go up small straight stairs to find out the space for pissoir is like for small kids.

I mean I can hardly fit and I am skinny. Fat kids have hard life. If it's your case, you better practice your aiming before going there. And man, don't forget that you gonna be drunk that time! And ladies gonna be right next to you ;]

Too bad I ain't got pictures, but you know... go check it out yourself!

So, have I seen some Korean rockers? 

Actually, first concert I have seen here was in Horus garage, and it was some Korean band the name I don't remember. And with Mr. Headbutt. I also been some music festival (rock festival), but it was fail, as they technicians fucked up. I mean mics stopped to work. Man..

In Slovakia, the park where concert was going on, would be so full of people (as it was for free and rock). In here, it felt like people in here (usually about 50, if not less) are only random walkers stopping by with WTF in their faces.

When I visit some concert (for example last Friday in Sugar Joe's) the most of people are not Koreans. I would say less than 20% of all people being there.

Strange. I never seen such a similarity in music taste in any country.

Anyone knows another good places? 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Unpacking, typhoon, hate.

I.  Unpacking

Yes, indeed, I am kinda unpacking after coming to my destination. The fact that I am doing it 3-4 weeks later might be omitted.

Anyway, we went on school trip the other and I was looking for some shorts in my baggage (I haven't done any unpacking so far) and by accident I found another jeans in there. Man, I don't need to go for shopping!

The idea is: probably I can find some another useful stuff in there also, right? I do not remember packing, but I might even took something interesting.

Wondering about results? Nothing. Man, only big amount of pills.

So much pills. Even more. For headache, another one for headache, and another one for headache. And for general body ache. For stomach ache. For allergy. Eyes vitamins, some general no-idea-what-for vitamins. Eye-drops. Pills for coughing.  Some magnesium for my hearth. And some shit I ain't got idea what it is.

I feel more healthy already. 

II. Typhoon

Typhoon is kinda dangerous (they say). But guess what? Not in Daegu.

Damn! I did come to the other side of world and I am not gonna see typhoon!? Alright, It'd been in here, but we are surrounded by mountains, so it looked like every-day-regular European rain. Little more stronger wind, but still boring. Storms I've seen in US been more exciting: shit-load of lightening (like every second) and I also haven't been working in such a times. Unfortunately, in this part of world, they somehow works on the same principles as my Faculty in Slovakia: when all others are closed, we still go to school.

But they got awesome thing connected with rain. This:

You don't need to take your umbrella cover, because you can take fresh one from that machine. Awesome. Never seen anywhere.

But I tell you, in here, it is everywhere: bank, police, school, shops, wherever. Business, right? They know what are they doing.


Have you ever seen such a thing? Comment if you have seen this umbrelattor before. 

III. Hate

I hate my Korean teacher.

Okay, it's not hate, she is nice and so... but, you know, she ain't speak English, and listening 2-3-4 hours to some Korean stuff I don't understand... Irritate me so fucking much. How can I learn language if I don't understand my teacher?

Fuck, she is teaching us basic stuff, but explaining in Korean. Damn, how can she explain me the basics of some language with use of the same advanced version of language? When she paint something on board, I can only smile. Makes no sense to me. Pointless.   

Sure, I ask her: Sorry, I don't understand what did you just wrote.

And she's like: "korean-korean-korean." Explaining me meaning of Korean sentence in the same Korean language I don't understand.

Lady, if I could understand the Korean, I wouldn't need to explain sentence. Man!  

Thanks god she is only one of 3 teacher we got.

Thanks god I am phlegmatic.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I lied to God. I am screwed.

There's kinda 2 things interesting that happened this weekend. I say kinda, because weekend is not over yet, and because of some other reasons I really don't remember, don't wanna remember, don't wanna talk about, or they just do not exist.

Hard to say.

Anyway, I've just came back from church. And it was pretty much interesting. Some other went with me, but maybe they don't wanna be mentioned, so I am gonna skip their names (for God's sake!). Church is called Daegu Simin Evangelical Holiness Church.

[Little explanation: In Slovakia I visit churches, Sundays or so. I don't know whether I am believer, but anyway, I was raised like one (catholic). So I wanted to go and see how the fuck they do Jesus stuff on the other side of world. ]

So mass starts at 11. We were not late.

Not understanding Korean language we also didn't understand what they do. But they had awesome choir. Singing good, cabaret like piano and organ. The most of mass was singing. They also had projector with lyrics, but my reading skills are far away from being able to join them. And I love singing, even in churches in Slovakia (My favorite song is #270, if I remember number).

The thing you realize, is that they usually have their eyes closed when they listen to somebody (preacher, and some another person) talking church stuff. I ain't get a word, except of Jesus and Amen. And they seem to randomly say Amen (the people), reminding me the way of expresing agreement.

I was thinking to close my eyes too, but you know, one could fall asleep. So I rather tried to keep my eyes opened.

When we entered, they showed us where to sit. And in the beginning of the mass, some Korean guy came sit next to me and gave me 3 papers and asked me to write down name, address, phone, email and shit. Fuck, why would I? I guess saying GTFO in polite way would be impolite. So we made up random names and so. Peter Horvat, I hope you are not angry at me for using your name. And God, don't be angry too, I did my best.

We didn't know what they wanted with those data, but we found out at the end of mass: when they started to read "our" names and we had to stand up. it was funny, the way they clapped for us and looked at us. And scary also. And when they wanted to take us to some room after mass, touching all over us, I just wanted to leave. You ain't got good feeling from people too much nice to you. Smells like some bullshit. So we said we ain't got time this week, maybe next time. Right.

I lied to God. I am screwed. 

And we also went rock concert Friday, and yesterday we found Rock pub, so I finally got some interesting places to have some beer.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's been a week

Been some time, but I actually spent one week at school already. And to get rid of common misunderstanding of myself as very bad student, I am gonna write this:

Nearly every day I spent at school from 9am - 6pm.

Ha! You see? Damn I am awesome student. I mean, for sure, going to school is not enough, so I also study at home. (Haven't had time to do it thought, but it's surely on my to-do list.)

So what I study? So far we had damned lot of Korean language. Would be good, but the thing is that the teacher doesn't speak English, so we can't ask her and she can't answer as well. But 4-hour class that we have on Friday, the teacher speaks understandable English (and she is funny as hell). As far as I remember we have about 15 hours of Korean in week. We shall see, from tomorrow their adding 4 more hours of Korean language (for every week, i mean).

Other classes? Accounting, C language, CAD. Maybe also something different, I don't know, reading schedule in language you don't understand is not that way funny. Anyway, I'd rather find those subjects easy, because we are going from begging as we are students from different fields in here.

Other thing we do is E-zone: we got kinda office where Korean students can come and talk English with us. I am there with Martina. It's fun, I would say, except moments when students don't talk in English. I'm not saying that they are stupid or sth like that, what I mean is rather it's really difficult. One needs to talk to them like to kids, and even that is not enough, because you can easy see when they do not understand you.

But we had also folks that speak understandable English, so not bad at all.

The weird thing, at least for me, is how they like our games. For example: we play game in which you take paper with some random English word and then have to explain it, so the others can guess it. Man, it's so much fun for them.

And some pics from trip we took somewhere today. Take bus 300 and you can get there also ;]

There was panorama of whole Daegu, but fuck, for some reason I ain't got single pic. And I tell you, it's freaking big city.

Or not.

Friday, August 31, 2012

There's no such a thing as Culture-shock

Or maybe there is.

But being at the other side of the world have to bring you some stuff that's totally different from the one you are used to. Small little shit making your life worth living.

Culture shock is the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, or to a move between social environments also a simple travel to another type of life.1
I wish I had one. I mean negative one. Because I have positive one: I am very happy there's a lot of stuff totally different from Europe. It's kinda funny, it's making usual stuff unusual. 

Let's say toilets: in Europe one comes to toilet [pissoir], make his fun, after comes automatic splash and game over, clean your hands! In here, splash comes first. And off course water tap works another way, you need to make down movement to make it give you some water.

Hey, but not everywhere, some places are just the same as in Europe.

And btw, now I also know why girls are always going 2 to toilet. One holds their stuff, other one does the thing. Man, this took some time to learn. Aye!

Music. K-pop, everywhere.

I actually just came back from concert. Somewhere. There was some k-pop...

Well, they been singing in Korean, and then like "Oh my God" in English. Funny thing to hear. And another song, with also English chorus "I love you". And some more, hard to say whether boy- or girl-band, becoming kinda everything-sounds-the-same.

Something like this. Cute kids enjoy it ;P

Then there was something for older people: mix of Winnetou, Slovak Repete and some gypsy sounds also. And some more k-pop at the end.

Not my style, but fireworks at the end saved the thing.

I should also talk about girls, food, school, fun, aclohol and more also, but proly next time.

Anyway, I am happy that weekend is here,today [it's about 2 at night here] we might to to amusement park! And such ;]

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Man, he's famous!

Today we gonna continue in "Man, X's xxx!" series.

It's Saturday, we are planning somethin, so we go somewhere. I really can't say where, but here is how it worked:

Zuzana got Korean flatmate so she is taking us to some kind of Temple. Buddhism one, I would say.  We take 2 buses, somewhere out of Daegu, some hill, mountain, I really don't know.

I know it seems stupid, but I somehow do not find it important to remember such a stuff. So let's pretend we are at last Bus stop.

No, I am not at picture.

Temple is pretty much pretty. Stuff and so. You know what I mean.

And this guy?

Man, he's famous! 

So we going somewhere around and I hear like "Slovakia?". And I see some random monk talking with Zuzana. Picture, right? We talk and shit and he's like "Hey folks, I invite you to have a tea with me" so we say "Yep, sure thing."

One does not simply drink tea with random Buddhist monk.

He did not speak English very good, but we got like 3 Korean speaking people so np. We got inside his kinda "house"  and he start to prepare his stuff for tea. There's a whole procedure about it, but you'd better google it, I don't remember. It was interesting anyway. You know how in Europe we let tea be made in 5-10 minutes? In here it's like 2 seconds and tea is ready.

He got 2 other monks in there. They got PC in there, so I am little bit surprised, but hey, look, we are at Korea, right?

Anyway, why not?

So he teach us some stuff about Buddhism, we talk about ourselves, drink tea [Chinese and Korean] and it's so awesome. I can't even say how much. The best I ever experience I've had in here. Definitely made my day.

And then there comes the moment when he says pics ain't problem.

Anyway, what do you think: how old is he? 

After some time, when he has to leave for his service, we say good-bye and slowly leave, taking away his presents (English book about Buddhism). We promise him to learn more Korean and come to see him again. And I'll tell you one think: I really wanna see him again.

With those monks, you feel there is something, something you can't really write down in this simple language. Something like those feelings you don't really believe in, but when they come, they feel so real, they got you unprotected.   

Then we keep on moving and seeing stuff around - some Buddha statue (fucking big) and museum, ready to leave to dorm after.

The monk is some kind of teacher whatever. It was awesome when we saw his pics in that museum. Man! 

The museum is under that Buddha statue. The fucking big one. Kinda nice, one can see old books, and as Martina says, they are far more older than Gutenberg. Amazing. There was like whole procedure of making those books showed and its unbelievable. Books are amazing. 

Look at that. And they were doing it with this

Some more interesting stuff had happened but I'll just add band like pic as ending ;]

And btw, the monk is 49!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Man, she's humid!

When you travel, you need to expect some kind of troubles. At least when I am, and it's what will make you remember the trip.

Being here for 3-4 days [kinda hard to say], I have to admit that going to Korea was mostly trouble-less: starting with meeting at Presov, ending with arrival to Daegu.

Budapest: no problem, only a bit of worrying about baggage. And letting them do "Last call" for us. It's funny when you hear them trying to pronounce your last name. One need good hearing to catch he/she's about to miss the flight. 

Warsaw: I think nothing interesting happened in there. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Beijing: got more interesting in here. When we got off plane, there was a girl [airport stuff] with some 3 numbers [it was Zuzana, Martin and myself traveling together] waiting for some 3 people. So Marting asked her about who is she waiting for, that we are going to Korea. But she kinda said: not you. So we went on. But like after 3 minutes she came to us and asked us for our tickets. And asked us like we were not talking to her some minute ago: "why didn't you talked to me before, I was waiting for you". Then she was like crazy about getting us to our gate asap, because we are so for sure gonna be late. So we skipped everyone in lines and took airport car to get to our flight. And then waited more than hour inside the airplane. But our gate was pretty much far away, so good that we didn't need to walk. The airport stuff also checked my hand-luggage, they didn't like something they've seen with scanner, but no big troubles about it.

And that's how we got to Asia. Little disappointment about not experiencing anything interesting, but... Better no troubles than being sent back home for  sth stupid, right?

And my first opinion/feeling/whatever? 

Man, she's humid!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's up with Asia? Pt. 2

Not much. 

Anyway, look at this:

Hypnosis, 1904, Sascha Schneider 

Let's say I am gonna be hypnotized by Korean education system. 

So now we know where I am going and what I am going to do. And I can say it officially, because I got visa.

There's a picture of program I am about to join somwhere, but who knows where. I am lazy to search for it, so let's pretend I am gonna write about it later.

But you know, there's a thing about it: I can't really imagine what's life in Asia can be like. So I don't wanna write about it, before I am actually there. Sure I have some expectations, but they are general: have some fun time, like anywhere else.

And problems, damn lot problems, making life interesting. 

What would you expect? 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's up with Asia? Pt. 1

Here it comes, my journey to Asia starts! ... soon ;]

After many not successful tries to get to Asia, here comes the successful one.

And guess what, when they say "you can get it, if you really want", they are totally right: you must try, try and try and try and...

First time I tried to get to Asia like 4 years ago?! I don't remember exactly, but it was Taiwan. There was some TW Gov scholarship to go and study there. And let's be honest: studying in Slovakia is not kind of fun you are looking for, except you keep drinking all time, or spent your time with international students.

Oh, Taiwan, how many times I tried?  Well, I would say 4 times. And that-damned-4th-time I was so close!


 It was calm night (not so calm after some beers and wine), close to KD International Dorms, Doswell, VA, USA - I guess like August, 20th -  and I received call from some WTF-is-this-number-from? number.   

"Is sounds-like-my-surname there?"
"This is that Miss from that school, that you applied for. Your application was successful, you are to be given scholarship. Will you join our University? Check your email! "  

Yea, you guess my heartbeat raised - I was like -  fuck that shit, I am going to Asia <3 ! 
Or something close enough to that.... And yea again, You bet I did check my email. But my happiness was not longing very long. Damn, I hate realizations of something being fucked up. And I tell you I realized there are some troubles about it right away: I got like 2 weeks to be actually located in TW and I need visa and shit (tickets and so). 

And what does one need for Visa? X-rays, HIV test and stuff. 
And how expensive is that? USA - expensive, Slovakia - kinda cheap.

So I wrote to both TW embassies in Slovakia and USA, and I had to decide: go back home, or make stuff here? 

I counted my money (after getting sober) and I found out I ain't got enough for neither option (visa stuff, tickets, and (the mostly important) like 3 years of fun in TW) - so I was like - fuck that shit, I am not going to Asia </3 !

At the end, maybe I was not so-damned-close. 

Anyway, the moral of this short story is : Money sucks.**


So how about other times?  Money again (I am poor student, right?), they didn't pick me, or I somehow changed my mind (Erasmus first, baby!).   

But anyway, look here: every-time I was closer and closer, so next time it's gonna work, right?  


But I decided I wont try TW anymore. It's like: dude, you tried, it wasn't working, give up. On TW, not on Asia of course ;] Didn't matter what country anyway. It's just I had some experience with TW people and I really like them. You know, being with people with different culture is (the most of time) fun.

In the end, it's just like with any other life-related-crap: do not make plans, they ain't working. Well, I was not exactly making plans, but I wanted to go Asia for quite some time. And I did stuff to achieve it. But sometimes is better just let it go and let troubles solve by themselves.  I don't know how to express myself, so I'll say: just not giving a fuck

What I mean? The day*** I stopped trying to get to Asia, opportunity showed up by itself, I only needed to grab it!

** actually, I do suck: knowing that I can go TW 3 months earlier, I could save money, just by not drinking so much beer ;]  but what else can one do at KD dorms?
*** yep, it was some weeks/months, but day sounds pretty dramatic ;] we love drama


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hello World!

So after very long thinking I've decided to start a blog:

I finished University, quit my job, moved out and I am going to ... Asia ;] 

Blog is (gonna be) in English, pretending to improve my English-writing-skills.
Or maybe not. (Sem tam aj Slovenčina abo dáky iný jazyk)

So, I'll be so happy if I get some comments! (Ones like fuck you! are welcome too, I really don't mind ;] I guess you know that already.) Or let me know when my grammar gets to much ridiculous.

So, what's up with Asia?

I love Asia! I mean: Wait for next post, I need to go get some beer right now!