Monday, September 17, 2012

Unpacking, typhoon, hate.

I.  Unpacking

Yes, indeed, I am kinda unpacking after coming to my destination. The fact that I am doing it 3-4 weeks later might be omitted.

Anyway, we went on school trip the other and I was looking for some shorts in my baggage (I haven't done any unpacking so far) and by accident I found another jeans in there. Man, I don't need to go for shopping!

The idea is: probably I can find some another useful stuff in there also, right? I do not remember packing, but I might even took something interesting.

Wondering about results? Nothing. Man, only big amount of pills.

So much pills. Even more. For headache, another one for headache, and another one for headache. And for general body ache. For stomach ache. For allergy. Eyes vitamins, some general no-idea-what-for vitamins. Eye-drops. Pills for coughing.  Some magnesium for my hearth. And some shit I ain't got idea what it is.

I feel more healthy already. 

II. Typhoon

Typhoon is kinda dangerous (they say). But guess what? Not in Daegu.

Damn! I did come to the other side of world and I am not gonna see typhoon!? Alright, It'd been in here, but we are surrounded by mountains, so it looked like every-day-regular European rain. Little more stronger wind, but still boring. Storms I've seen in US been more exciting: shit-load of lightening (like every second) and I also haven't been working in such a times. Unfortunately, in this part of world, they somehow works on the same principles as my Faculty in Slovakia: when all others are closed, we still go to school.

But they got awesome thing connected with rain. This:

You don't need to take your umbrella cover, because you can take fresh one from that machine. Awesome. Never seen anywhere.

But I tell you, in here, it is everywhere: bank, police, school, shops, wherever. Business, right? They know what are they doing.


Have you ever seen such a thing? Comment if you have seen this umbrelattor before. 

III. Hate

I hate my Korean teacher.

Okay, it's not hate, she is nice and so... but, you know, she ain't speak English, and listening 2-3-4 hours to some Korean stuff I don't understand... Irritate me so fucking much. How can I learn language if I don't understand my teacher?

Fuck, she is teaching us basic stuff, but explaining in Korean. Damn, how can she explain me the basics of some language with use of the same advanced version of language? When she paint something on board, I can only smile. Makes no sense to me. Pointless.   

Sure, I ask her: Sorry, I don't understand what did you just wrote.

And she's like: "korean-korean-korean." Explaining me meaning of Korean sentence in the same Korean language I don't understand.

Lady, if I could understand the Korean, I wouldn't need to explain sentence. Man!  

Thanks god she is only one of 3 teacher we got.

Thanks god I am phlegmatic.  


  1. a kondomy si kde nechal, conta? :D

    1. to ako pri liekoch ci na dazd? ;D

      kazdopadne v kufri neboli ;D

    2. najprv som myslel, ze su pri liekoch, pri blizsom pohlade som zistil, ze je to ibalgin :D

    3. Ibalgin si da, ked zisti ze nepouzil kondom :D

  2. martin 1-9

    čonta ty si iný klepač :-DDD

    a na tú učiteľku začni hovoriť slovensky nech má radosť, že ani ona nebude rozumieť