Saturday, September 8, 2012

I lied to God. I am screwed.

There's kinda 2 things interesting that happened this weekend. I say kinda, because weekend is not over yet, and because of some other reasons I really don't remember, don't wanna remember, don't wanna talk about, or they just do not exist.

Hard to say.

Anyway, I've just came back from church. And it was pretty much interesting. Some other went with me, but maybe they don't wanna be mentioned, so I am gonna skip their names (for God's sake!). Church is called Daegu Simin Evangelical Holiness Church.

[Little explanation: In Slovakia I visit churches, Sundays or so. I don't know whether I am believer, but anyway, I was raised like one (catholic). So I wanted to go and see how the fuck they do Jesus stuff on the other side of world. ]

So mass starts at 11. We were not late.

Not understanding Korean language we also didn't understand what they do. But they had awesome choir. Singing good, cabaret like piano and organ. The most of mass was singing. They also had projector with lyrics, but my reading skills are far away from being able to join them. And I love singing, even in churches in Slovakia (My favorite song is #270, if I remember number).

The thing you realize, is that they usually have their eyes closed when they listen to somebody (preacher, and some another person) talking church stuff. I ain't get a word, except of Jesus and Amen. And they seem to randomly say Amen (the people), reminding me the way of expresing agreement.

I was thinking to close my eyes too, but you know, one could fall asleep. So I rather tried to keep my eyes opened.

When we entered, they showed us where to sit. And in the beginning of the mass, some Korean guy came sit next to me and gave me 3 papers and asked me to write down name, address, phone, email and shit. Fuck, why would I? I guess saying GTFO in polite way would be impolite. So we made up random names and so. Peter Horvat, I hope you are not angry at me for using your name. And God, don't be angry too, I did my best.

We didn't know what they wanted with those data, but we found out at the end of mass: when they started to read "our" names and we had to stand up. it was funny, the way they clapped for us and looked at us. And scary also. And when they wanted to take us to some room after mass, touching all over us, I just wanted to leave. You ain't got good feeling from people too much nice to you. Smells like some bullshit. So we said we ain't got time this week, maybe next time. Right.

I lied to God. I am screwed. 

And we also went rock concert Friday, and yesterday we found Rock pub, so I finally got some interesting places to have some beer.

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