Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rocking Daegu

It's not a secret, I love rock-metal-punk-whatever-guitar-music.The thing is, here in Korea, people kinda like something different:


Little difference, but important one.

It's thing I can't really understand, but it seems that everyone in here loves K-pop. I tell you...

So i asked in some groups on Facebook, where the fuck are some metal clubs/pubs/whatever with live music? Answer: well, one is Club heavy and other Horus Music Garage. Both opened only for gigs. Noone knows any metal pub.

/Ahh, and you might wanna join this group to see what gigs are going on (In Daegu)./

I was like: Really? 2,446,418 people and not a single metal pub? 

People said really. But later I found something called Sugar Joe's (by accident, there might be even more of them!?), they sometimes have live shows. And nearby is Gypsy Rock. (Both near NKU.) You better fall in love with that lovely place.

Any Polish here? 

Nawet nie probujcie tu uchodzic! 

I am not sure if this is warning or recommendation. Anyway, the place is awesome: you can play the music you like for free, beer is good, and toilets, toilets are even better. One needs to go up small straight stairs to find out the space for pissoir is like for small kids.

I mean I can hardly fit and I am skinny. Fat kids have hard life. If it's your case, you better practice your aiming before going there. And man, don't forget that you gonna be drunk that time! And ladies gonna be right next to you ;]

Too bad I ain't got pictures, but you know... go check it out yourself!

So, have I seen some Korean rockers? 

Actually, first concert I have seen here was in Horus garage, and it was some Korean band the name I don't remember. And with Mr. Headbutt. I also been some music festival (rock festival), but it was fail, as they technicians fucked up. I mean mics stopped to work. Man..

In Slovakia, the park where concert was going on, would be so full of people (as it was for free and rock). In here, it felt like people in here (usually about 50, if not less) are only random walkers stopping by with WTF in their faces.

When I visit some concert (for example last Friday in Sugar Joe's) the most of people are not Koreans. I would say less than 20% of all people being there.

Strange. I never seen such a similarity in music taste in any country.

Anyone knows another good places? 

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  1. well, i´m relieved that not only slovak "common people" (or the stupid mass) have such extremely bad taste :)