Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's been a week

Been some time, but I actually spent one week at school already. And to get rid of common misunderstanding of myself as very bad student, I am gonna write this:

Nearly every day I spent at school from 9am - 6pm.

Ha! You see? Damn I am awesome student. I mean, for sure, going to school is not enough, so I also study at home. (Haven't had time to do it thought, but it's surely on my to-do list.)

So what I study? So far we had damned lot of Korean language. Would be good, but the thing is that the teacher doesn't speak English, so we can't ask her and she can't answer as well. But 4-hour class that we have on Friday, the teacher speaks understandable English (and she is funny as hell). As far as I remember we have about 15 hours of Korean in week. We shall see, from tomorrow their adding 4 more hours of Korean language (for every week, i mean).

Other classes? Accounting, C language, CAD. Maybe also something different, I don't know, reading schedule in language you don't understand is not that way funny. Anyway, I'd rather find those subjects easy, because we are going from begging as we are students from different fields in here.

Other thing we do is E-zone: we got kinda office where Korean students can come and talk English with us. I am there with Martina. It's fun, I would say, except moments when students don't talk in English. I'm not saying that they are stupid or sth like that, what I mean is rather it's really difficult. One needs to talk to them like to kids, and even that is not enough, because you can easy see when they do not understand you.

But we had also folks that speak understandable English, so not bad at all.

The weird thing, at least for me, is how they like our games. For example: we play game in which you take paper with some random English word and then have to explain it, so the others can guess it. Man, it's so much fun for them.

And some pics from trip we took somewhere today. Take bus 300 and you can get there also ;]

There was panorama of whole Daegu, but fuck, for some reason I ain't got single pic. And I tell you, it's freaking big city.

Or not.

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