Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rocking Daegu

It's not a secret, I love rock-metal-punk-whatever-guitar-music.The thing is, here in Korea, people kinda like something different:


Little difference, but important one.

It's thing I can't really understand, but it seems that everyone in here loves K-pop. I tell you...

So i asked in some groups on Facebook, where the fuck are some metal clubs/pubs/whatever with live music? Answer: well, one is Club heavy and other Horus Music Garage. Both opened only for gigs. Noone knows any metal pub.

/Ahh, and you might wanna join this group to see what gigs are going on (In Daegu)./

I was like: Really? 2,446,418 people and not a single metal pub? 

People said really. But later I found something called Sugar Joe's (by accident, there might be even more of them!?), they sometimes have live shows. And nearby is Gypsy Rock. (Both near NKU.) You better fall in love with that lovely place.

Any Polish here? 

Nawet nie probujcie tu uchodzic! 

I am not sure if this is warning or recommendation. Anyway, the place is awesome: you can play the music you like for free, beer is good, and toilets, toilets are even better. One needs to go up small straight stairs to find out the space for pissoir is like for small kids.

I mean I can hardly fit and I am skinny. Fat kids have hard life. If it's your case, you better practice your aiming before going there. And man, don't forget that you gonna be drunk that time! And ladies gonna be right next to you ;]

Too bad I ain't got pictures, but you know... go check it out yourself!

So, have I seen some Korean rockers? 

Actually, first concert I have seen here was in Horus garage, and it was some Korean band the name I don't remember. And with Mr. Headbutt. I also been some music festival (rock festival), but it was fail, as they technicians fucked up. I mean mics stopped to work. Man..

In Slovakia, the park where concert was going on, would be so full of people (as it was for free and rock). In here, it felt like people in here (usually about 50, if not less) are only random walkers stopping by with WTF in their faces.

When I visit some concert (for example last Friday in Sugar Joe's) the most of people are not Koreans. I would say less than 20% of all people being there.

Strange. I never seen such a similarity in music taste in any country.

Anyone knows another good places? 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Unpacking, typhoon, hate.

I.  Unpacking

Yes, indeed, I am kinda unpacking after coming to my destination. The fact that I am doing it 3-4 weeks later might be omitted.

Anyway, we went on school trip the other and I was looking for some shorts in my baggage (I haven't done any unpacking so far) and by accident I found another jeans in there. Man, I don't need to go for shopping!

The idea is: probably I can find some another useful stuff in there also, right? I do not remember packing, but I might even took something interesting.

Wondering about results? Nothing. Man, only big amount of pills.

So much pills. Even more. For headache, another one for headache, and another one for headache. And for general body ache. For stomach ache. For allergy. Eyes vitamins, some general no-idea-what-for vitamins. Eye-drops. Pills for coughing.  Some magnesium for my hearth. And some shit I ain't got idea what it is.

I feel more healthy already. 

II. Typhoon

Typhoon is kinda dangerous (they say). But guess what? Not in Daegu.

Damn! I did come to the other side of world and I am not gonna see typhoon!? Alright, It'd been in here, but we are surrounded by mountains, so it looked like every-day-regular European rain. Little more stronger wind, but still boring. Storms I've seen in US been more exciting: shit-load of lightening (like every second) and I also haven't been working in such a times. Unfortunately, in this part of world, they somehow works on the same principles as my Faculty in Slovakia: when all others are closed, we still go to school.

But they got awesome thing connected with rain. This:

You don't need to take your umbrella cover, because you can take fresh one from that machine. Awesome. Never seen anywhere.

But I tell you, in here, it is everywhere: bank, police, school, shops, wherever. Business, right? They know what are they doing.


Have you ever seen such a thing? Comment if you have seen this umbrelattor before. 

III. Hate

I hate my Korean teacher.

Okay, it's not hate, she is nice and so... but, you know, she ain't speak English, and listening 2-3-4 hours to some Korean stuff I don't understand... Irritate me so fucking much. How can I learn language if I don't understand my teacher?

Fuck, she is teaching us basic stuff, but explaining in Korean. Damn, how can she explain me the basics of some language with use of the same advanced version of language? When she paint something on board, I can only smile. Makes no sense to me. Pointless.   

Sure, I ask her: Sorry, I don't understand what did you just wrote.

And she's like: "korean-korean-korean." Explaining me meaning of Korean sentence in the same Korean language I don't understand.

Lady, if I could understand the Korean, I wouldn't need to explain sentence. Man!  

Thanks god she is only one of 3 teacher we got.

Thanks god I am phlegmatic.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I lied to God. I am screwed.

There's kinda 2 things interesting that happened this weekend. I say kinda, because weekend is not over yet, and because of some other reasons I really don't remember, don't wanna remember, don't wanna talk about, or they just do not exist.

Hard to say.

Anyway, I've just came back from church. And it was pretty much interesting. Some other went with me, but maybe they don't wanna be mentioned, so I am gonna skip their names (for God's sake!). Church is called Daegu Simin Evangelical Holiness Church.

[Little explanation: In Slovakia I visit churches, Sundays or so. I don't know whether I am believer, but anyway, I was raised like one (catholic). So I wanted to go and see how the fuck they do Jesus stuff on the other side of world. ]

So mass starts at 11. We were not late.

Not understanding Korean language we also didn't understand what they do. But they had awesome choir. Singing good, cabaret like piano and organ. The most of mass was singing. They also had projector with lyrics, but my reading skills are far away from being able to join them. And I love singing, even in churches in Slovakia (My favorite song is #270, if I remember number).

The thing you realize, is that they usually have their eyes closed when they listen to somebody (preacher, and some another person) talking church stuff. I ain't get a word, except of Jesus and Amen. And they seem to randomly say Amen (the people), reminding me the way of expresing agreement.

I was thinking to close my eyes too, but you know, one could fall asleep. So I rather tried to keep my eyes opened.

When we entered, they showed us where to sit. And in the beginning of the mass, some Korean guy came sit next to me and gave me 3 papers and asked me to write down name, address, phone, email and shit. Fuck, why would I? I guess saying GTFO in polite way would be impolite. So we made up random names and so. Peter Horvat, I hope you are not angry at me for using your name. And God, don't be angry too, I did my best.

We didn't know what they wanted with those data, but we found out at the end of mass: when they started to read "our" names and we had to stand up. it was funny, the way they clapped for us and looked at us. And scary also. And when they wanted to take us to some room after mass, touching all over us, I just wanted to leave. You ain't got good feeling from people too much nice to you. Smells like some bullshit. So we said we ain't got time this week, maybe next time. Right.

I lied to God. I am screwed. 

And we also went rock concert Friday, and yesterday we found Rock pub, so I finally got some interesting places to have some beer.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's been a week

Been some time, but I actually spent one week at school already. And to get rid of common misunderstanding of myself as very bad student, I am gonna write this:

Nearly every day I spent at school from 9am - 6pm.

Ha! You see? Damn I am awesome student. I mean, for sure, going to school is not enough, so I also study at home. (Haven't had time to do it thought, but it's surely on my to-do list.)

So what I study? So far we had damned lot of Korean language. Would be good, but the thing is that the teacher doesn't speak English, so we can't ask her and she can't answer as well. But 4-hour class that we have on Friday, the teacher speaks understandable English (and she is funny as hell). As far as I remember we have about 15 hours of Korean in week. We shall see, from tomorrow their adding 4 more hours of Korean language (for every week, i mean).

Other classes? Accounting, C language, CAD. Maybe also something different, I don't know, reading schedule in language you don't understand is not that way funny. Anyway, I'd rather find those subjects easy, because we are going from begging as we are students from different fields in here.

Other thing we do is E-zone: we got kinda office where Korean students can come and talk English with us. I am there with Martina. It's fun, I would say, except moments when students don't talk in English. I'm not saying that they are stupid or sth like that, what I mean is rather it's really difficult. One needs to talk to them like to kids, and even that is not enough, because you can easy see when they do not understand you.

But we had also folks that speak understandable English, so not bad at all.

The weird thing, at least for me, is how they like our games. For example: we play game in which you take paper with some random English word and then have to explain it, so the others can guess it. Man, it's so much fun for them.

And some pics from trip we took somewhere today. Take bus 300 and you can get there also ;]

There was panorama of whole Daegu, but fuck, for some reason I ain't got single pic. And I tell you, it's freaking big city.

Or not.