Friday, August 31, 2012

There's no such a thing as Culture-shock

Or maybe there is.

But being at the other side of the world have to bring you some stuff that's totally different from the one you are used to. Small little shit making your life worth living.

Culture shock is the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, or to a move between social environments also a simple travel to another type of life.1
I wish I had one. I mean negative one. Because I have positive one: I am very happy there's a lot of stuff totally different from Europe. It's kinda funny, it's making usual stuff unusual. 

Let's say toilets: in Europe one comes to toilet [pissoir], make his fun, after comes automatic splash and game over, clean your hands! In here, splash comes first. And off course water tap works another way, you need to make down movement to make it give you some water.

Hey, but not everywhere, some places are just the same as in Europe.

And btw, now I also know why girls are always going 2 to toilet. One holds their stuff, other one does the thing. Man, this took some time to learn. Aye!

Music. K-pop, everywhere.

I actually just came back from concert. Somewhere. There was some k-pop...

Well, they been singing in Korean, and then like "Oh my God" in English. Funny thing to hear. And another song, with also English chorus "I love you". And some more, hard to say whether boy- or girl-band, becoming kinda everything-sounds-the-same.

Something like this. Cute kids enjoy it ;P

Then there was something for older people: mix of Winnetou, Slovak Repete and some gypsy sounds also. And some more k-pop at the end.

Not my style, but fireworks at the end saved the thing.

I should also talk about girls, food, school, fun, aclohol and more also, but proly next time.

Anyway, I am happy that weekend is here,today [it's about 2 at night here] we might to to amusement park! And such ;]


  1. janci ,uz si tam stretol "toho" typka ??

    1. zdar, nestretol... mali kratsi program oni, cize sme sa minuli ;/ skoda ;D

  2. Ej, uz sme vyrastli, na koncerty chodit, ale len ak maju stolicky :-D
    Zdravi Marek z Taiwanu ;-)

    1. zdar ;] vies co aj by som si to odstal ale sbskar nas slusne posadil ;]

      inac, maju aj v Taiwane nejaku zvlastnu hudbu? ;D