Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Man, she's humid!

When you travel, you need to expect some kind of troubles. At least when I am, and it's what will make you remember the trip.

Being here for 3-4 days [kinda hard to say], I have to admit that going to Korea was mostly trouble-less: starting with meeting at Presov, ending with arrival to Daegu.

Budapest: no problem, only a bit of worrying about baggage. And letting them do "Last call" for us. It's funny when you hear them trying to pronounce your last name. One need good hearing to catch he/she's about to miss the flight. 

Warsaw: I think nothing interesting happened in there. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Beijing: got more interesting in here. When we got off plane, there was a girl [airport stuff] with some 3 numbers [it was Zuzana, Martin and myself traveling together] waiting for some 3 people. So Marting asked her about who is she waiting for, that we are going to Korea. But she kinda said: not you. So we went on. But like after 3 minutes she came to us and asked us for our tickets. And asked us like we were not talking to her some minute ago: "why didn't you talked to me before, I was waiting for you". Then she was like crazy about getting us to our gate asap, because we are so for sure gonna be late. So we skipped everyone in lines and took airport car to get to our flight. And then waited more than hour inside the airplane. But our gate was pretty much far away, so good that we didn't need to walk. The airport stuff also checked my hand-luggage, they didn't like something they've seen with scanner, but no big troubles about it.

And that's how we got to Asia. Little disappointment about not experiencing anything interesting, but... Better no troubles than being sent back home for  sth stupid, right?

And my first opinion/feeling/whatever? 

Man, she's humid!

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