Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hello World!

So after very long thinking I've decided to start a blog:

I finished University, quit my job, moved out and I am going to ... Asia ;] 

Blog is (gonna be) in English, pretending to improve my English-writing-skills.
Or maybe not. (Sem tam aj Slovenčina abo dáky iný jazyk)

So, I'll be so happy if I get some comments! (Ones like fuck you! are welcome too, I really don't mind ;] I guess you know that already.) Or let me know when my grammar gets to much ridiculous.

So, what's up with Asia?

I love Asia! I mean: Wait for next post, I need to go get some beer right now!



  1. have a fun and I`m waiting for more news !

  2. hlavne sa drž a nech máš kopec dobrých zážitkov
    martin z erep

    1. dik ;] snad tam to tam vydrzim ja s nimi a oni so mnou ;]

  3. Drzim palce, a tesim sa na dalsi post. Mozno aj ja zacnem pisat blog o Nemecku :-) ale uz za chvilku idem domov takze asi nie.