Sunday, August 26, 2012

Man, he's famous!

Today we gonna continue in "Man, X's xxx!" series.

It's Saturday, we are planning somethin, so we go somewhere. I really can't say where, but here is how it worked:

Zuzana got Korean flatmate so she is taking us to some kind of Temple. Buddhism one, I would say.  We take 2 buses, somewhere out of Daegu, some hill, mountain, I really don't know.

I know it seems stupid, but I somehow do not find it important to remember such a stuff. So let's pretend we are at last Bus stop.

No, I am not at picture.

Temple is pretty much pretty. Stuff and so. You know what I mean.

And this guy?

Man, he's famous! 

So we going somewhere around and I hear like "Slovakia?". And I see some random monk talking with Zuzana. Picture, right? We talk and shit and he's like "Hey folks, I invite you to have a tea with me" so we say "Yep, sure thing."

One does not simply drink tea with random Buddhist monk.

He did not speak English very good, but we got like 3 Korean speaking people so np. We got inside his kinda "house"  and he start to prepare his stuff for tea. There's a whole procedure about it, but you'd better google it, I don't remember. It was interesting anyway. You know how in Europe we let tea be made in 5-10 minutes? In here it's like 2 seconds and tea is ready.

He got 2 other monks in there. They got PC in there, so I am little bit surprised, but hey, look, we are at Korea, right?

Anyway, why not?

So he teach us some stuff about Buddhism, we talk about ourselves, drink tea [Chinese and Korean] and it's so awesome. I can't even say how much. The best I ever experience I've had in here. Definitely made my day.

And then there comes the moment when he says pics ain't problem.

Anyway, what do you think: how old is he? 

After some time, when he has to leave for his service, we say good-bye and slowly leave, taking away his presents (English book about Buddhism). We promise him to learn more Korean and come to see him again. And I'll tell you one think: I really wanna see him again.

With those monks, you feel there is something, something you can't really write down in this simple language. Something like those feelings you don't really believe in, but when they come, they feel so real, they got you unprotected.   

Then we keep on moving and seeing stuff around - some Buddha statue (fucking big) and museum, ready to leave to dorm after.

The monk is some kind of teacher whatever. It was awesome when we saw his pics in that museum. Man! 

The museum is under that Buddha statue. The fucking big one. Kinda nice, one can see old books, and as Martina says, they are far more older than Gutenberg. Amazing. There was like whole procedure of making those books showed and its unbelievable. Books are amazing. 

Look at that. And they were doing it with this

Some more interesting stuff had happened but I'll just add band like pic as ending ;]

And btw, the monk is 49!!!