Saturday, October 13, 2012

Man, we are all famous!

For a minute....

Okay, not minute, not 15 minutes, but 14 minutes for sure. Because we decided to use one more minute for future needs. And we gonna need it, right?

So, week ago (?), Saturday, I mean, we went for one event - making of 1km long GimBap - some kind Korean food I am not really eating. It's not bad food, but you know, I am picky with food (and with a lot of another stuff).

Why we went there? 

I saw some post on facebook, that they need some internationals for this event, to make that food with locals. So I thought I am gonna ask my friends whether they wanna join. YES, they said. I have to admit, I was not expecting yes answer, but why not, right? So we went.

There's a street in Daegu, with a loooot of restaurants. I guess this event is to promote the street. We ain't got a lot of troubles with finding the place, but we got some with finding the girl I talked before, kinda organizer for us  to be there (Kate).

So we got some fancy clothes and did the food. 

Then we ate it. Not bad actually.

Interesting part was media. All over place.. And all the Koreans making pictures of us. For all my life I never had that amount of pictures as I had that day. God. Hundreds of pictures when eating, making, whatever-ing gimbap. Zoo, that's the word one needs to use. I felt like in zoo. Animal showing his stuff. Our stuff was being different.

But I felt good, thought. It was funny and all.

And more pictures with mayor and local authorities.

You don't need a lot to make it to news in here, maybe.  We been on TV also, but I haven't seen it. And we won some ticket (not ticket, but i don't know the word),  200000 won to spend in restaurant.

We did yesterday.  God that food was good. Pics in my phone, lazy to take them out. They all might appear on facebook one day.

And writing too, so see ya, thanks for reading ;]


  1. " We been on TV also, but I haven't seen it. And we won some ticket (not ticket, but i don't know the word), 200000 won to spend in restaurant. "

    It's a VOUCHER :)

    1. ahh, thanks, i knew it's gonna be sth French ;]