Friday, November 23, 2012

As time went...

For a quite long time I haven't wrote a shit, so I decided I need to make an update, as follows:

Not much is happening, I go to school, come back, sleep, weekend sleep. Bored as hell. Man, even hell must be more interesting than this. You know, pulling sticks in people's asses and kimchi.

One would say at least weekends should be fun, but doing all weekends the same isn't fun anymore. So I am studying, not partying. Something went wrong.  

So what (at least a bit) interesting do I have?

Remember when I talked about rock music? There's a band in here, 박치기 씨 (Mr. Headbutt), and they are releasing their CD. And guess what, my picture is their CD cover art.

 Man, I am famous!!! Kiddin, not famous.

Ha? Do not forget to come for release party! December 7th. I am proly there.

School is as I said boring. Kinda waste of time. AutoCAD, driving me crazy every week. One does not simply use his brain. Me no like turn on brain mode. Just not seeing any sense in that.

But, we had English contest here, for Korean students to show off. And I played one song (because no time for second we had) with my classmate.  Song from some dude called Mraz or that. Lucky. For me really terrible song, but you know... What would one do for money, I do for smile. We had to change girl and boy parts, but it was interesting anyway. The crap is still stuck at my head. 

(just saying i like the pic)

Anyway, I am planning to sort out my pictures, so I might even make some photolog. Stay tuned, get drunk!

I will @Xmas.


  1. cool with the song and the cover as well!

    well, at last you´re quite safe in south korea. you can die only by boredom, in really worst case by one of kim´s rockets :)
    one guy reported after he spent half year there on business purpose, that the society there is something like a techno feudalism. well, he might be right :)