Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Dorm: part 2

There was no part 1, but whatever...

Anyway, I've been very successful in finding my location on Google maps. Finally. So here come the map! (Dorm is building in the middle, school is right top.  )

school and dorm

Everybody love forest.

I  took some pictures so you can see how it actually looks like.

Yep, graves. We are surrounded by a lot of them. And by a lot I do not mean 10 or 20. Few times  more.

Buildings are nice, as well. I made few pics:

(hall, elevator, emergency exit)

 (school, cafeteria, gym)

The moral?

Do not take any shit serious and get drunk! 


Today i saw Korean computer-science guy prototype. And hot girls feeling awkward when he joined them during dinner. I guess some shit is the same everywhere.