Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Holidays II.

So do you know how to find out you're on holidays mode?
You spend only up to six hours at school. 

Anyway, last time I wrote about trip to some city, name I can't remember. Thing is, we also visited Seoul, the capital of South Korea. By cheapest train about 20 bucks, and about 4 hours (not sure about this one).

Seoul is pretty much like any other city, I did not find anything spectacular to blow my mind. I enjoyed walking around small street and tiny houses, watching people (girl crying next to her (ex)boyfriend was funny), but nothing special indeed.

street art?

     yea, they're watching

But back to school, we kinda have winter holidays, so school took us to trip last week. Don't ask me where, I ain't got idea. Just know somewhere around Busan, or however it is spelled in latin.

We needed to supply diary for Gov (the trip is sponsored from Gov money), so let me just copy that for y'all:

Last week I have joined trip organized by our college to Busan and around Busan.
The trip started 14th January 2013 in the morning when we took bus from College.
After about 2 hours we arrived to Busan. In there we took walk around coast and visited some
Famous beaches in Busan. We also traveled around Cities and places.
Very interesting was first day lunch, which we took in restaurant where you have to pay if you do not
Everything that you took on your plate. It is really great idea how to make people take only as much
As they can really eat. There is no trash, or at least minimum and people can really think about their
Eating habits.
Other places that we visited and I enjoyed were UN Cemetery and Island with kinda botanical garden.
We traveled by ship and for many of us it was first-time experience. Island was incredibly beautiful, even
It's still winter.
We also visited Museum, where we could learn more about local history from early ages.
I hope I will be able to visit those places in summer again, and not only once.

Sounds like fun? (Yea, damn my creative writing and bad-ass English!)

I enjoyed visit to island, really nice place and McDonald's (they took us there for the first time, when talking about all school trips). I would never go to McDonald's in Slovakia, but here, damn it's like food from my mum.

I guess you wanna pics..

Yea, looks kinda boring on pics, but trust me, whatever Island it was, it's good place to visit.

So get drunk whatever you do, you might find some island on your way home!

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