Monday, February 25, 2013

New semester coming

As I mentioned before, Koreans got ~2 months of holidays after semester ends in December.

And damn, guess what, the March is coming and with it the end of holidays! Man, I will miss those times, when I needed to spend only about 4-6 hours a day at school. That's the holidays I like!

Yeah, kidding, BUT I hope I am not gonna spend that much more time at school during semester. And there is a hope!

As this program is relatively new, they are trying something different this time. The college picked 5 "best" students and will create mixed class of foreigners and Koreans.

So why "best"? Hard to say what was their criteria, as they picked me. I mean they did not picked the students with best results, so I guess I was picked because I am boy? We are suppose to study mechanical engineering, so that would make sense, ha? Student with best results was girl. Anyway, it doesn't ends here, we still got 3 girls and 2 boys. Weird.

We are to be moved to another campus.

So what's the deal? 

It's somewhere out of city, in the forest, no public transport (only school ones). We will get dorm for free, same with tuition (don't know if free or discounted). But we need to pay for breakfast and dinner, even we wont eat it. Yes, weird. And guess what, it's Korean food. I am dammed. Let's hope something will change (about food). Freaking toast bread and salami would do my breakfast - or at least better than paying for something I proly wont use. We are probably also getting change to take laptop for deposit. We will live with one Korean classmate. We should have shower in room. No kitchen. Boy and girl floors separated. 

And classes?

    Special/Regular    전공한국어 - Major Korean          
    Special/Regular    중급한국어 - Intermediate Korean          
    Regular    6-sigma(II)          
    Regular    PLC제어실습 - PLC Control Practice          
    Regular    도면해독 및 3D CAD - Drawing Info. And 3D CAD          
    Special    인문학강좌 - Liberal Arts          
    Special    창의공학설계기초 - Creative Engineering Drawing Basic          
    Special    기계부품설계 - Machine Parts Design          
    Special    기계공학기초 - Machine Engineering Basic          
    Special    프로젝트프레젠테이션 - Project Presentation          

    Special/Regular    고급한국어 - Advanced Korean          
    Special/Regular    한국기업문화 - Korean Enterprise Culture          
    Regular    3D CAD 실무 - 3D CAD Practice          
    Regular    생산관리 - Production Management          
    Regular    프로젝트 실무 - Project Practice          
    Special    응용역학실무 - Applied Mechanics          
    Special    창의공학설계실무 - Creative Engineering Drawing          
    Special    시스템설계 - System Design          
    Special    기계제작실무 - Machine Production Practice          
    Special    전기전자실무 - Electric & Electronic Practice     

Yea. I am "special". 

What was funny about all of this was how they did the process of deciding and letting us know. Korean way, at least our experience, is that they always let you know kinda like "as late as possible". They told us who is gonna be in better group saying "Send me questions, and let me know your decision tomorrow morning." It was 5PM.

Yea, let's finished this with one more info, if anyone still reading: NO E-ZONE for me.

Damn, I am wrong, we will have, but only once a week.

If by any chance someone still reading, time for you to get drunk!

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