Wednesday, September 4, 2013

E-WORLD (or whatever it's called)

So we went to E-World.

It's amusement park in Daegu. And damn I love amusement parks. Not that I've been in many: in 2. How sweet is that?

So the park. (And I might compare with park that I've been in US: Kings Dominion)

Entrance is 28000 Won for Adult. With that you can play all the stuff inside (I guess). They start to sell tickets 9.30 and also open that time. The most of rides starts ( and I mean should start) at 10AM. Some 11.30AM and 1.30PM - as far as I remember.

Park looks pretty much nice. I mean environment and stuff: trees, flowers and so. But compared with KD, it's more dirty. At some places. Where cleaning staff never go. Never.

Yes. I mean toilets. Pink ones.

 Both western and oriental style.

 With love orgies inside.

Rides.  Damn I did picture of only one.

KD had similar in US. But much better. In here, it's pretty long, but not interesting. You go upside down once(?). Or two.

They ain't have wooden coasters, and that's fine with me. They are rough on ones neck. But they got metal ones: I think 4. I mean for adults.

Bad luck - kinda - was that only one was working!
Shit. One of four. No cheaper entrance. No note anywhere that park is 75% not working. Not a shit. They still asked full price for entrance. How Korean.  Damn.


Sweet, ha?
We really enjoyed. No kidding.

The best part of park is zoo. Maybe because because rest of park was mostly closed, maybe some other reason. Zoo itself wasn't that big, but pretty cool anyway.

Even fish. Can't see it? Look closer. They put one for you at left side.

Seriously wtf. This is animal abuse. She can't even move. Not even fully in water. Damn. Korea. Damn.

And there were also games and restaurants and food and stuff - mostly closed - end of season? Who knows. Park was not empty for sure. And for sure not full.


I will finish with saying that it's up to you whether you wanna go. And I will attach the map.

And damn, I did forget to attach the video of only working roller coaster. Good you read till the end ;]

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