Monday, August 5, 2013

Last weekend was kinda fun

And I will use term weekend, because I have troubles remembering when exactly it happened. Not that I was drunk, I just don't need to keep in mind what day it is, so I do not.

So weekend. 

Probably Friday, during evening, we decided we should go out somewhere. We have not been for any live music for quite some time, so we decided we should go Sugar Joes. I've mentioned it in some of my previous posts. It's near KNU, and they usually have live music during weekends. We went with some Chinese folks.

So beer and stuff. And we met one professor from our college. He played few songs with his wife. Some of them were Irish, so it was really good.

I really can't say how Irish music sounds like, as I have probably never heard it except last weekend,  and I didn't know which songs were Irish, but once you hear the rhythm, you are pretty sure where it comes from.

We talked some more and he was like "Jan, do you wanna play?", and my friends like "Yea, go play something!" , so 1+1 went 2 and I went and played few songs too. Can't say if it was good or bad, I didn't hear how it sounded, but it was pretty much fun, I enjoyed it.

And more beer and going home. It was after 2AM, I guess, we went early because next morning we wanted to go for some beach.

And we went.

Jeez, so many Koreans have cellphones, but still finger on picture?

Anyway, the train company was so happy when we made this pic. One does not need a lot to be happy. And trains are another story... The worst train in Korea is much more better than IC trains in Slovakia (the most expensive ones).


So we wanted beach. I think Pohang beach, where Pohang is city name. Or Busan. Damn I don't know. Girls have been there before, but they did not remember how to get there, so we asked locals. By one bus (1200W) and taxi (3000W) we got to the nearest beach.
Something doesn't feel right, ha?

But still, few meters away people were enjoying themselves, swimming in sea (full of shit, as I see it) and so on.

I did not.

So fully optimistic we went to search for another beach. Some not-so-sure girls pointed us to some direction, but we were so tired, and it started to rain, so we finally ended up on some rest-place. It was actually not so bad.


We spent some time there, and went back to city centre. Where we finally found clean water!
And even good food!

Except it was some Christian place, so when I asked for beer, and then for soju (typical Korean alcohol), waitres was surprised, and I was beer-thirsty. Then we walked a bit at centre and went home.

This might sound like bad trip, but it was ineed a lot of fun. The one with a lot of inside jokes and stuff. So hard to write about.

Anyway....I am pretty sure there are some nice beaches somewhere, we just failed to find them.

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