Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I can't get no...

Well, I really feel like in Korea one never gets what one was promised.

And specially with weather. It started some months ago: they promised typhoon but delivered small rain.

And it seems like we are out of luck seeing normal conditions again. Just before we ended semester, everyone was telling that summer rainy season is coming. Well, I hate rain, so I was not happy. You know, strong wind, water and all that rain shitty stuff. Me no like. My imagination worked well: humid day, cloudy, raining all the time, all my socks wet, all my t-shirts wet, all my pants. Guess what? All my shoes too!

But only in my imagination, as last few weeks showed.

So how it was?  

It's end of July and I haven't seen rain that I am used on from Slovakia. To explain: in Slovakia we usually get what I wrote up there somewhere - few days or even weeks of constant rain during summer. And that's not what we understand as rainy season. It's normal summer with some rain, as my friend says.

Seems like Rainy Season in Korea means 3-5 one hour small rains.

A month.

That's what I've seen so far in July. This website says that "Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in June, July, August and September.". I probably have to apply the answer of a lot of Koreans when we asked them about this "abnormalities": This year is special. We had this with typhoon, sand storms and we should use it about Rainy Season of 2013, too.

Other possibility is that their meaning of rain, typhoon etc. is pretty much different from ours. No rain means Rainy Season etc....    

But in the end I am happy- no rain, no problem. Except of damned humidity.    

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