Monday, July 15, 2013

Classes and so...

Some long long time ago I wrote about how special my group is. And about what classes we have. Well, that was the beginning of semester, and I pretty much didn't know what we will study there.

And guess what? Now, after semester is over, I pretty much know what we studied. Not weird, ha?


     Special/Regular    전공한국어 - Major Korean          
     Special/Regular    중급한국어 - Intermediate Korean          
     Regular    6-sigma(II)          
     Regular    PLC제어실습 - PLC Control Practice          
     Regular    도면해독 및 3D CAD - Drawing Info. And 3D CAD          
     Special    인문학강좌 - Liberal Arts          
     Special    창의공학설계기초 - Creative Engineering Drawing Basic          
     Special    기계부품설계 - Machine Parts Design          
     Special    기계공학기초 - Machine Engineering Basic          
     Special    프로젝트프레젠테이션 - Project Presentation       

So bold ones were my classes during last semester. As you know from my previous posts, what is written on paper, in Korea doesn't mean that it's really what's gonna happen, so you might wonder what we really did on those classes.

So Korean was Korean Korean

A lot of words to learn, not much speaking. Why would I need it anyway.

Damn. They are totally right: I don't need to speak. Since I've arrived in Korea, I didn't use Korean language. (And phrases like "Hello", "How much?","Thanks", "1,2,3..." etc. I do not count as language use. We can all agree that that is knowledge that can one learn without having more than 5 hours of language every week; without actually understanding the language.) So I guess they system works fine. I go to school a lot, I don't speak, and everybody is happy. The only thing they didn't think through (at least it's like that at my school) is that they teach the English the same way: they know hundreds of words, but if you ask them any basic question (like what you did today, tell me short story about whatever, what is weather today) they wont be able to say more than OK, yes, good. You can consider yourself happy, if they understood you. Anyway...

If my memory works like it should, we had 8 hours of Korean every week. Plus twice a week 3 hours at evening. So 14 hours altogether. Sweet.

Liberal Arts 

Thinking, thinking...

 Ah yeah, that was one hour a week, we called it Humanities and it was time when teacher asked us "How are you?". At the end of semester we prepared small presentation about "Human and car" and that's it. Wasted time.

Next classes next time ;] Go grab some beer!


  1. Vidim, ze tam je riadny bordel conta :D Som zvedavy co ste mali dalej :P

    1. hej trosku je tu taky vacsi bordel :D ale ze vraj iba na nasej skole, aspon od ucitelov co ucili aj inde viem take.. takze celu koreu by asi nezahadzoval, zatial ;]