Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's been some time (aka food in dorm)

Indeed it's been some time since I wrote something. I've been lazy, bored, and bored, and bored.

And bored.

Anyway. My memories tell me that last time I was writing about our new dorm. The one in forest, where is nowhere to go, nothing to do. Except school and forest.

I mentioned that we need to pay for breakfast and dinner, even we don't eat it. As semester is over, I can somehow summarize it.

So food. After week or two, they created special breakfast for us, I mean for foreigners: usually cornflakes and milk, coffee, sometimes bread and jam, or some weird stuff (sweet bread with kinda fish cream and raisin). I always ate breakfast. And it was not that enjoyable as one would thought. Because Koreans could not eat with us. We were separated and we had different food. That sucks. They wanted (and sometimes they stole our food) to eat our food, but they were not able to take it.

Once they gave us eggs, salt (SALT! after weeks!) and milk.

Launch was always some Korean stuff, cheap spicy meat without taste and rice with rice and rice. For whole semester I've been there maybe 3 times. Once they had chicken. But with no taste whatsoever, just plain chicken in soup without any taste with rice without taste neither. Damn. After that I've never even bothered to be optimistic about food. Sometimes they made spaghetti, but I don't like them anyway. And salty apple salad.

Dinner.  Pretty much like launch. Fish bones, fish, kimchi, pig skin, fat from meat and some weird salads I was afraid to try. I had to pay for it, so I tried to eat it sometimes, but just enough not to die hunger.

In dorm there is shop, but not so much to buy, sweets and ramen, milk and cereals.
But to be complete, they were foreigners that could eat food without as big problems as mine.

Not sure what was that, but probably dinner.

I've had some more pics of food, but no idea where I put them, so I will post them when I find them.

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