Sunday, July 21, 2013

Classes pt. II

Last time I wrote about 2 classes: Korean and Liberal Arts. I guess it's time to move on and write about the rest. And I planned to do that some days ago, but unfortunately I was busy doing nothing.

Here they are: 
      Special    창의공학설계기초 - Creative Engineering Drawing Basic          
     Special    기계부품설계 - Machine Parts Design          
     Special    기계공학기초 - Machine Engineering Basic          
     Special    프로젝트프레젠테이션 - Project Presentation  

I have to be guessing here a bit, because the names have usually not much in common with what we studied.

That's actually the joy of knowing names of classes at the beginning of semester. You are like: "shit, this is gonna be interesting class" but then you are like "that escalated quickly". And boredom begins.

Waking up is sometimes pretty hard. We were all hoping that being in special group will bring something that they promised us (2 semesters of practical training), but ... Well, I'll better stop myself from writing.

For example Project Presentation. Damn it, I remember we talked like "we will probably do some mechanical project, school got pretty good and new equipment, we can do some seriously interesting shit". I'm no mechanical engineer, but this stuff can get you excited. School got some 3D printers and so equipment. Jesus, I am pretty much imaginative. Don't ask me where my mind can go.

So, can you guess what we did in this class? I let you think. (And play first K-POP song that YouTube showed me.)

I hope you enjoyed. I did not.

Anyway the awesome class named Project Presentation was: tadaaaa Excel and PowerPoint. Very creative, ha?

Final project of my group was excel sheet, where you could write your +- of your money, and it would show you your balance.

Stop laughing, please, I am not kidding! 

The rest of classes counts 3:  Machine Engineering Basic, Machine Parts Design, Creative Engineering Drawing. And that somehow doesn't work. I only remember 2 more classes. It might change or whatever.

Anyway, one class, I would guess Machine Engineering Basic, was some basic stuff like Newton Laws and so. It was with Slovak teacher, so we actually studied. Only that I don't see reason why, but anyway, I am not one to judge whether it makes sense or not, right? The most of us remembered it from primary or secondary school, so you can guess class was extremely easy...  Car A and B meeting at the nearest pub.

Second class I would name Creative Engineering Drawing, because sometimes we were drawing. We had 4 classes a week. As teacher said, it was not enough time. And he was saying it almost every class. The same as repeating everything we studied every class. So you can imagine we were light-speed fast. We studied about drawing, stuff like 1st person view or kinda that. I don't know, it was mostly making fun of whatever (and mostly of some Korean student - and that's something I can't get through - Imagine teacher makes fun of you in front of whole class , noone would try in Slovakia ). But in fact, during some classes , like twice, teacher took us and showed 3D printer and stuff. At least something interesting.

So this was practical training they promised us. Ahhh, I see. Apologies. 

At the end, we had some exam.

I don't know my results, but I might find out one day. They are for school anyway. And made by school. So whatever. 

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