Saturday, December 7, 2013

Soon to be week.

Like today or so. Doesn't matter anyway.

So what had happened?
I tried to understand how India works, to get my luggage back and I've been to work.

Good news first: I got my luggage. Sweet. I've already said goodbye to it. At the airport I waited like 2 hours and taxi drivers screwed my money, but who cares? Damn, I got it back. Thousands of lives saved. I mean one. Mine. I love my luggage so much, you can't even imagine.


So far I like it. I will learn Ruby on rails and do that stuff, but right now I am creating website for company with bootstrap (pretty much just changing template a bit and putting content, but good for start). Something that I wanna learn, so cool.

Company has like 25 employees, 10 or so coders and rest. 3 years old startup.

And trains.

Because that's how I travel to work.

I don't know how to describe it. Well... Trains don't have doors as you can imagine. And the closer you are to the place where doors should be, the more people. If you go to back of current wagon, you will even sit. But they don't care about sitting. You ether wanna get out, or get in the train. There is no such a thing as traveling. 2 constant movements. In, or out.

Trains stops normally, but they prefer to jump out (or jump in) when it is still moving. And if you did not manage to get to the rear part of train, someone will "help" you getting out. even you don't want to. They do it even train is empty.

First day they kicked me out pretty nasty (I was not prepared), but people at the station are nice, they usually try to catch you. In general, when they see that I am foreigner, they are not pushing me so hard like they do with each other.

Monthly tickets are cheap. 

Ahh, and they have extra wagons for women and people with baggage.


This is how I get around (eg. to station). Hunderds of them everywhere. You come to one and say the location, if they know, you go. 3 people can fit in. Can't imagine how it's gonna be when rain will come, but right now it's fine.

You start at 15rps and slowly go up depending how far you go.

So.. Yeah....

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