Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm lazy

Yeah, so lazy.

I mean to write. Fucking lazy to write, but one does not put f-words into title, ha?

Anyway, I thought I would write at least once a week, but somehow...

Today I went for vaccine.

Typhoid and Hepatitis A and B. I know I should before but... Kinda I don't like needles. They are gonna rip your body in half and stuff like that. Pretty dangerous.

But then I seen something about shit that can happen to you and I changed my mind. Fuck being ripped apart, I need that.

What I've seen? People defecating in the bushes etc.  And in general India is fucked up dirty and so. I'm not gonna write about that, because there is not enough space here, but it's pissing me off so much. Damn.

So vaccination went OK. I called them yesterday and made appointment for today. Company was really good. Clean and shit. I mean no shit. Doctor spoke really good English and was in Ukraine so also Russian. And he recommended me not to eat spicy food. That's my man! Company takes care for a lot of foreigners so high standard. 

I didn't wanted to go some local doctor (could be not so clean), so I might paid a bit more. Maybe. 600rs for Typhoid and 2500 for AB Hepatitis.

Typhoid is for 3 years. AB will be forever when I will take 2 more doses. So yeah.

About malaria pills: he said no point as I stay here. Not good take some shit for one year so I just use shitload of anti-mosquito creams. 

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