Friday, January 24, 2014

Mumbai beach

There are for sure more, right? But I don't remember name of this one, so let's just say that it's around 5 and half km from my home.

Yeah, it's dirty. Never seen the sea of that colour before. Dark. Not blue. Weird.

Anyway, if you wanna just go and sit, you can do it. Kinda...

They are trying to make it cleaner, but it needs to come from people, not some gov company, right? And can you see the colour of the sea?

Talking about people, it's really hard to not to get noticed. And by noticed I mean all the time be "visited" by some sellers, tattoo makers, beggars and that kind of people.

This girl followed us at least like 1-2 km. Until I gave her a candy. But she was not the only one.

Hana tattoo ladies. Bunch of them. This particular one about the same time as babygirl, until she got angry and said: "Why do you come to India if you don't have money?". Kinda true, or not?

And food ;] And some nice views.

And yeah, some people do swim in that sea.

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