Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Holi 2014

So they have Holi, some kind of some holiday where they throw colours at each other and splash with water and so.

And yeah, it's been some time ago, but I am lazy to write and so. Anyway, I am writing because maybe one day this will help me to revive some memories. And I am not sure, what will I remember now...

As I mentioned, not sure what did holidays suppose to mean, so google it. It's kinda not important to me, right now. Every year it's different date, this year it was monday. Week ago? Might been. Or two.

It's been Monday, of that I'm sure. Because I was not working. With other interns here we had discussion before how to do it, and we came to conclusion it's better to go around 10, because later it will be probably too much traffic. And yeah, we decided to go to Juhu beach first, to see how locals are doing it and join them. Right?

Right. So around 11 we left Evershine and went Juhu. But obviously our planning failed as there was not so much people, doing not so much anything. But we managed to get coloured a bit. It wasn't funny (now I am comparing to doing this colour thing in Korea), but that was just start of day, we don't loose hope so easily. So we took riksha and moved on.

During way we stopped and bought some more colours. Then we stopped somewhere I-don't-know-where, where we met some AIESECers. We were slowly moving to some society where we were supposed to play again. And we stopped for beer as well. 

 Playing at next location was fun, as it included a lot of people and water. Best part was Indian people saying "Happy Holi!" with their funny accent. Fuck yeah.

And then we went eat and back home. It was around 4, I think. The sun and so can makes you really tired really fast.

Getting rid of those colour from all over me took me like 20 mins. Argh!

And we drunk some more beer. Because that's what we do ;]    


  1. It only took you 20 minutes to wash colors off??
    I'm still pink!!

    1. Haha, I used method "don't care about my skin", that's why maybe :D