Thursday, June 5, 2014

So I smoke a pack a day

Oh, crap, I'm here for 6 months already. Time goes fast in here. Damn.

Doesn't seem like half a year at all. Wake up, eat, work, sleep. Then repeat. And during the weekends get drunk or not do a shit. Is this what people do once they get a job? Fuck, I'm screwed.

We all are.


So... let's be honest: I am not that active with staying in touch with people. I find it kinda weird to talk over Facebook or that kinds of stuff. Doesn't feel real. It's like talking to someone else. Not that much emotions, I guess, and I am also talking different way than face-to-face.

But when I talk (hey, write me!), people usually ask me how it is. India and all.

I am not sure what I wrote before (yeah, I am lazy as fuck, so I haven't been writing lately), so let's summarize some stuff. I mean to answer question: What the fuck is going on with India?

1. Mumbai

Oh, Mumbai, you god-damned city! Dirty like fuck, with people shitting and peeing in streets, with smell like dead rat and trash wherever you look (as people somehow don't care where they throw their trash). And some nice places that I need yet to find.(All right, I am pessimistic like hell... ) (And yeah, I am using European standards...)
Well, small intermezzo here: There are two possibilities: you will learn to accept how India is, or you can pack your stuff and leave. Because otherwise you might make a new genocide or loose your sanity. Just saying, so you can more understand da fak?! I'm pissing about.
But let's get real:

"Breathing Mumbai’s air, reports the Lonely Planet travel guide, is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Comparable air quality wraps New Delhi, Bangalore, and 69 of India’s 70 principal cities year-round, according to a 1997 study by India’s Central Pollution Control Board."^

(Ah damn, once I'll come back, the fresh Slovak air will kill me.)

I have to admin that I do not like it. And I have no problem to admit it. Why should I love it, anyway? Can't really accept that dirt. At least where I live.

slum outside my building

Hey, but that doesn't mean that I am not happy here. I am (kind of) happy here. I pretty much like my job, I have fun with other interns, travelling is very interesting... So, yeah...

What I mean is: take the same people and job, put us to Florida, and things will be at least 1000 times better. By things I mean air and stuff. Pretty depressing that first thing I see when leaving my building is air full of dust. And street full of trash.

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